How Much Does Podiatry Cost In Australia?

When it comes to podiatry costs, one of the most frequently asked questions at clinics is ‘how much does podiatry cost?’ Similar to many other healthcare professionals, podiatrists often refrain from disclosing their fees online due to variations in costs between different treatments and the unique circumstances of each patient. Factors like bulk billing and private health insurance coverage further complicate the calculation of out-of-pocket expenses. It’s important to note that podiatry costs can fluctuate based on individual treatment needs.

For a better understanding of podiatry costs for common services, continue reading below.

This article aims to address commonly asked questions about podiatry fees, including bulk billing, private health insurance, and the costs of different services:

  1. Do podiatry clinics offer bulk billing?
  2. What are HICAPS facilities?
  3. Do podiatrists accept private health insurance?
  4. How much do podiatry services cost?

Understanding these aspects will help you make informed decisions regarding your podiatry treatment.


A podiatry clinic that bulk bills accepts the full service fee offered by Medicare as the payment, eliminating any additional costs or gap fees for patients. However, it’s important to note that services such as surgical procedures or custom orthotics may not be covered by Medicare.


If you have private health insurance, you can typically claim podiatry services; however, the amount of rebate you receive will depend on the type and level of your coverage. To obtain an accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses, contact your podiatrist for the relevant item numbers, and then consult your private health insurance provider to check the coverage available for those items in the current calendar year. AHP Connect, our wellness centres nationwide, accepts most major health funds and payment types, including Medibank, Bupa, and HBF.


HICAPS, which stands for Health Industry Claims and Payment Service, is an electronic payment system used by healthcare providers to process private health insurance claims on-site. When visiting HICAPS facilities, your claim will be automatically processed during your appointment, ensuring a convenient payment experience.


The cost of podiatry services can vary from clinic to clinic, influenced by several factors. It’s always recommended to consult with your podiatrist for an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.


According to the Australian Podiatry Association, initial consultation fees at podiatry clinics across Australia average between $80 and $90. Additionally, clinics charging between $70 and $80 for initial consultations tend to have a higher number of patients returning for subsequent visits.


Patients with a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral can claim Medicare rebates for up to five podiatry visits per calendar year. To qualify for a CDM plan, you must obtain a referral from your GP, who will assess your eligibility and specify the number of podiatry visits covered by Medicare annually. Note that Medicare does not cover podiatry services outside of the initial consultation without a CDM plan.


The cost of ingrown toenail surgery typically ranges from $250 to $500, depending on the number of nail edges involved. For a more accurate quote regarding your specific case, it is advisable to consult with your podiatrist.


The cost of custom orthotics depends on the type of orthotics and your level of private health coverage. Custom orthotics are generally more expensive than cast and foot adjusted (CFA) orthotics, but both options include a biomechanics assessment, orthotics prescription, and an initial fitting. The choice between the two types of orthotics should be based on your specific condition.

By understanding the various aspects of podiatry costs, you can make well-informed decisions about your treatment. At AHP Podiatry, we strive to provide comprehensive and transparent podiatry services to help you achieve optimal foot health.

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When it comes to podiatry costs, one of the most frequently asked questions at clinics is ‘how much does podiatry cost?’ Similar to many other

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