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Independent Living and Retirement Village Services

Maintaining Independence

Our clinical teams can implement care plans that facilitate resident independence in the unit or villa. Independent Living and Retirement Village Services We can help people to re-establish themselves at home following illness or injury

Creating a Sense of Community

Our allied health services facilitate access to the community and integration into village life. We can build exercise and group programs that promote participation and community

Stepped Care Pathways

We can help to identify when a resident requires additional support, multidisciplinary intervention, or progression into a higher care setting. Our clinical team can provide support along your resident journey from low to high care

Allied Health REcruitment

Ready to take the next step in your allied health career? Let AHP be your trusted partner. With our deep understanding of the healthcare industry and extensive network of healthcare organizations, we can connect you with exciting job opportunities that match your skills and aspirations. Our dedicated team of recruiters will work closely with you, providing personalised guidance and support throughout the entire process. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, career advancement, or a change of environment, AHP is here to help you navigate your path to success. Take the leap and let AHP be your ally in achieving your professional goals. Contact us today to explore the possibilities 

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services can help your residents regain independence and participate in activities of daily living, promoting overall health and wellbeing. Our skilled therapists work closely with each resident to develop individualised treatment plans that address their specific needs and goals.  

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Speech Pathology

Our speech pathology services can improve communication, swallowing, and cognitive functioning for your residents, enhancing their quality of life and overall health. Our experienced speech therapists use evidence-based techniques to develop personalised treatment plans to help each resident reach their full potential. 

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Our physiotherapy services can help your residents to improve mobility, reduce pain, and prevent falls, promoting overall health and wellbeing. Our highly trained physiotherapists provide hands-on care and develop customised exercise programs that are designed to help residents achieve their goals. 

AHP A nurse is assisting an elderly man with independent living, providing support and guidance during his dumbbell workout routine.


Our dietetics services can support your residents in maintaining a healthy diet and managing chronic conditions, promoting overall health and wellbeing. Our skilled dietitians work closely with residents and their healthcare providers to develop individualised nutrition plans that are tailored to each resident’s specific needs and preferences.  

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Our podiatry services focus on foot and lower limb health to promote mobility and prevent complications, improving overall health and wellbeing for your residents. Our experienced podiatrists provide a range of services including foot assessments, nail care, and wound management to help residents maintain healthy and functional feet.

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Allied Health Assistants

Our allied health assistants work under the supervision of qualified professionals to support your residents, enhancing their quality of life and overall wellbeing. Our dedicated assistants can help with activities of daily living, provide emotional support, and facilitate social engagement. 

AHP A nurse wearing a mask is talking to an elderly woman on a couch, providing podiatry care.
Retirement Villages

Retirement Villages are gaining popularity with older Australians. They offer flexible accommodation options, with lower maintenance and an opportunity to tap into support services as circumstances change. A retirement village provides people with independent accommodation and may include shared facilities, such as meeting rooms, libraries, pools and lounges. They might also provide lifestyle services and social activities, such as organised outings, joint meals and craft. There may also be provision for visiting doctors and allied health professionals. Although staff in some villages have healthcare backgrounds, services in retirement villages generally do not include health care. This is where AHP can step in to provide meaningful support

Independent Living Units

Independent Living Units generally offer some onsite support and services in order to facilitate their resident living independently. The design of these units is generally focussed on “stepped care” or “aging in place”- the units are designed to be accessible, and the facility can generally facilitate access to services on a flexible basis as the residents needs change over time. Most ILUs will have facilities onsite like gymnasiums, resident lounges and pools. ILUs provide the residents with an opportunity to stay active, social and engaged with the surrounding community. AHP allied health can assist with individual therapies, group intervention and home modifications. The intensity of our therapeutic input can increase or decrease depending on the client’s needs

Respite Services

Respite services are designed to assist with the transition back to home following a period of hospitalisation, or to give the recipients care team a break from looking after them in the community. It is often used on an interim basis to determine whether the respite recipient is likely to return to their home, or whether they are likely to require more permanent residential care. Intervention in respite care is essential to give the recipient the best possible chance of returning to the community. AHP can assist by providing multidisciplinary allied health supports + case conferencing. We are able to assist the recipient and their care networks return home, or facilitate a smooth transition into residential care

Can AHP Work with Home Care Providers?

Yes. AHP has provider relationships with most major Australian home care providers. We frequently work as part of the care team delivering a single specific service, or we can provide comprehensive multidisciplinary allied health care. We provide our selves on clear communication, and will work with all stakeholders to ensure that the client’s care needs are met.

Are AHP Staff Available for Locum Cover?

Yes. AHP has a dedicated pool of allied health resources across our service delivery regions to manage planned an unplanned leave. We can provide the full spectrum of allied health supports to cover shifts, manage leave, or assist with resourcing when recruitment proves difficult. We offer affordable rates, quality staff and flexible options. Whether its for a day, a week or a year we are your trusted partner for allied health support

Where are AHP Allied Health Services Available

AHP is a national provider of aged care services. We have clinicians available to service your residents in all capital cities and regional centres. We have a diverse range of services, with staff from all walks of life. If you have a request, no matter how regional or remote, reach out to us today. We will provide you with an accurate quote on services, realistic timeframes on execution, and a commitment to evidence based practice

How Do I Access AHP Allied Health?

You can access AHP allied health supports in a number of ways - reach out over the phone to our friendly Customer Experience Team - send a webform enquiry via this site - send us an email. We will respond to your enquiry ASAP


Our AHPRA registered allied health professionals can access all facets of private and public fee support. By accessing our services, you may be eligible for rebates from: 

– Home Care Packages 

– Commonwealth Home Support 

– Short term Restorative Care programs 

– Private Health Insurance 

– Enhanced Primary Care or Chronic Disease Management Plans from your GP 

Adding Value to your Site- How AHP Can Help

Independent Living Units and Retirement Villages generally have a variety of facilities onsite. Our clinicians can utilise any existing space, be it a clinic room, pool or gymnasium. We can also adapt to the specific needs of your population- our physios and exercise physiologists can run group exercise, our OTs can assist with community access and our dieticians can offer food and nutrition services. We can design a bespoke service to fit your residents needs and your site facilities  

Service Innovation- The AHP Difference

AHP’s allied health services are underpinned by our proprietary Active Health Pathways program. This program is evidence based, and promotes the principals of restorative care, reablement and wellness. We do not prescribe to a one size fits all approach- we can adapt to the clients environment, the available facilities or even use technology to deliver telehealth supports 

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