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Aged Care Allied Health Services

Extensive Network

AHP Allied Health partners with an extensive network of healthcare organizations. Including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres, providing access to a wide range of allied health services. Our clinical knowledge and expertise in the industry allows us to implement our clinicians across a variety of settings with confidence

Aged Care Expertise

AHP specializes in allied health services and recruitment, meaning we have in-depth knowledge. And understanding of the specific skills, qualifications, and experience required in various allied health roles. All our allied health staff are dedicated to the management. Of older Australians and their specific health and wellbeing challenges

Peronalised Approach

At AHP, we take a personalised approach to your client journey. We listen to your client and tailor our services to meet their individual needs. Our customer team will guide you through the entire implementation process. Providing support, advice, and guidance every step of the way. We pride ourselves on finding the right allied health professional for your requirement. Regardless of the clinical setting.

Allied Health Expertise

At AHP Allied Health, We have over 250 expert clinicians nationwide that are dedicated to enhancing the health outcomes of older Australians. We provide services across the disciplines of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology. Dietetics and podiatry delivering a true aged care multidisciplinary team that has the capacity and resources to provide immediate assistance to your clients or residents. To find out about the full scope of AHP services, contact us today 

The Vital Role of Physiotherapists in Aged Care

Physiotherapists play a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of older Australians. They are experts in movement and rehabilitation, working closely with individuals to address mobility challenges and physical limitations. Physiotherapists assess residents’ functional abilities, develop personalised treatment plans, and provide interventions such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and assistive devices. By improving strength, flexibility, balance, and overall physical function, physiotherapists help residents maintain or regain their independence, prevent falls, manage pain, and enhance their overall quality of life. They play a vital role in optimizing residents’ physical well-being, promoting active and healthy aging. 

AHP A nurse is providing allied health assistance to an older woman with her arm.
AHP A woman holding an orange while receiving speech therapy.

Occupational Therapists in Aged Care

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are instrumental in helping clients engage in meaningful activities and maintain their independence. OTs assess residents’ functional abilities, including self-care. Homemaking, and participation in hobbies or leisure pursuits. They provide recommendations for adaptive equipment. Environmental modifications, and lifestyle adjustments to promote independent living. OTs work closely with residents. To develop personalised intervention plans that focus on enhancing their ability to perform daily activities and overcome challenges. By addressing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial aspects. Occupational therapists empower residents to maximize their independence, regain skills, and adapt to age-related changes. Their interventions promote well-being. Overall functioning, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment in residents’ lives. 

The Importance Of Dietitians in Aged Care

Dietitians are essential members of healthcare, as they play a vital role in promoting optimal nutrition and healthy eating habits. They assess clients’ nutritional needs, dietary preferences. And medical conditions to develop personalised meal plans that meet their specific requirements. Dietitians provide education and guidance on balanced diets, portion control. Food choices, and strategies to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or food allergies. They work closely with residents to address nutritional concerns. Improve eating habits, and ensure appropriate nutrition management. By supporting residents’ nutritional health, dietitians contribute to their overall wellness. Energy levels, disease prevention, and overall quality of life. Our dieticians can also work with catering staff. Within residential care to ensure that the menu for all residents is optimised 

AHP A man in a wheelchair cutting carrots in a kitchen.

Compassion And Empathy

A key quality of a good allied health professional is their ability. To demonstrate compassion and empathy towards their clients. They understand the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that individuals may face. And they approach their clients with kindness, respect, and sensitivity. They actively listen, show understanding. And build rapport to establish a trusting therapeutic relationship.

Strong Communication

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential for allied health professionals. They should be able to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Actively listen to their clients' concerns, and provide information and support effectively. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team, and engage with clients and their families. In a professional and empathetic manner.

Expertise And Knowledge

A good allied health professional possesses a high level of expertise and knowledge in their respective field. They have a solid understanding of the principles. Theories, and best practices related to their discipline. They stay updated with the latest research, advancements, and evidence-based interventions. To provide the highest quality of care to their clients.

Are AHP Clinicians Compliant to the Aged Care Quality Standards?

Yes. AHP ensures that all clinicians working with our partners meet the regulatory requirements for working in aged care settings. We conduct a rigorous screening and interview process, such that only the best candidates make it to the AHP roster. Once clinicians are onboard, we audit AHPRA registrations, conduct criminal history check, NDIS worker screening checks and validate vaccination status before deploying staff to site.

How Does AHP Manage Allied Health Clinicians on site?

We have several layers of supervision in place for our clinicians. In addition to regular group learning and professional development, our Regional Management team conducts weekly one on one reviews with our clinicians. We also regularly liaise with facility management to ensure that our clinicians are meeting your needs, integrating into the site, and proactively managing any issues

What are AHP’s Service Locations

AHP has over 250 clinicians nationwide. We specialize in the rapid deployment of staff to meet organisations immediate needs. We have staff available in all major metropolitan and regional centers and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality cost effective staffing solutions that can be form fit to your resident’s care needs

Can AHP Deliver Services under AN-ACC

Yes. Over the last 11 months, we have helped over 70 sites across the country transition from ACFI to AN-ACC funding. Our management team are experts in aligning the right staff to your site, managing your site’s allied health budget, and contributing to resident care minutes. Our proprietary Active Health Pathways program will ensure that your residents get the care and intervention that they need under the AN-ACC Model
Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Aged Care Services

Over the past decade, AHP Allied Health has developed an enviable reputation for high quality allied health services. We have developed an extensive network of aged care providers that look to us to assist with their allied health needs. Lead by Head of Allied Health, Anthony Moore, AHP has a developed a dedicated Partnerships team that is ready to triage your issues, develop solutions and implement services. To discuss the specific needs of your organization, no matter how large or small, call us today 

Site Account Management

AHP’s goal is to provide a partner experience that is the best in the Australian aged care sector. Through our dedicated Account Managers, AHP works closely with our sites to make sure that our services are adding value, that clinicians are fully implemented into your way of work, and any issues are managed proactively. We take the time to understand your site’s needs and will develop a clinical team that optimizes your residents health and wellbeing.  

Dedicated Enquiries and Intake Team

Our Customer Experience team will work with your site to ensure all your enquiries are addressed in a timely fashion. The team will help you with resourcing and managing ad hoc requests. Our friendly and reliable team are there to help  

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